We produce and source exclusive teas from China, India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.


At the source of everything are the people, the plants, and the living soil.

Who we are

A new model of farming and production…

We are a small group of tea professionals who farm, produce, source, evaluate, and judge high quality teas from around the world.

  • - Tongmuguan
    Early season compost
    - Tongmuguan
  • - Taiwan
    Overnight oolong processing
    - Taiwan
  • - Wuyishan
    A micro batch of Rougui
    - Wuyishan
  • - Lingia
    Serious negotiations on the lawn
    - Lingia
  • - close to the original Dragon Well
    Friends in front of the “fenghuang Tan”
    - Close to the original Dragon Well
  • - 43 plants
    Collaboration for an experimental Jinjunmei
    - with Ahua’s Longjing #43 plants
  • - Lingia
    Sampling in late March
    - Lingia
  • - Tongmuguan
    Micro biology analysis training
    - Tongmuguan
  • - Taiwan
    Half-day tea evaluations
    - Taiwan
  • - China
    Lessons learned
    - TAIWAN
  • - China
    Lessons shared
    - TAIWAN
  • - Hong Kong
    - Hong Kong

I have been drinking tea since I was a baby and I can’t imagine life without tea.

- Yanbing

Our difference

Is in community

Presence is a virtue in all things specific. It’s a virtue not only for insight and oversight but also for maintaining community with our partners in each country, many who feel like family to us at this point.

This is also important to us while bridging the gap between those of us creating tea and those of us enjoying the fruits of each creation.  We deeply value having a connection to all people and places that are involved with making and drinking tea all around the world.

We constantly work on better ways for access and refinement in the communication about our larger group and hope everyone involved enjoys getting to know more about this increasingly tightly knit global community.

Our teas

Our current retail selection is growing so look for new teas coming soon…

Our teas are clean, flavorful, well processed, and always represent an expression of the highest category of quality available in the world.

Our teaware

Pair your tea with the right tea ware and enjoy a total experience.

The right tools are critical.  Informed preparation can exemplify the finer notes in the leaf and less refined techniques risk missing a tea’s potential.  Our tea ware selection represents the tools needed to get the most out of every cup.

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